May 22 - 25, 2017 | Boston
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Keynote Speakers

Mike Walsh
Futurist, Keynote Speaker & Business Strategist at Tomorrow
John Carione
Product and Corporate Marketing Leader at QuickBase
Jeff Prus
VP of Product Management at QuickBase, Inc.
Karen Devine
VP of Marketing at QuickBase, Inc.
Gideon Ansell
Director, Experience Design at QuickBase, Inc.
Mark Field
Product Management at QuickBase, Inc.

Breakout Session Speakers

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Adam Hoover
Customer Success Engineer Manager at QuickBase, Inc.
Adam Shain
Sr. Product Manager at QuickBase, Inc.
Adrian Lloyd
Customer Success Manager at QuickBase, Inc.
Andrew Kleppner
at QuickBase, Inc.
Ankit Shah
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at QuickBase, Inc.
Benjamin Buday
Sr. Customer Success Manager at QuickBase, Inc.
Bill Marshall
Director of Analytics Tools & Processes at Otsuka Pharmaceutical
Brandon Rokos
Customer Success Manager at QuickBase, Inc.
Brian Cafferelli
Product Manager at QuickBase, Inc.
Charles Guilbert
Solution Architect at Trinity
Charlie Murawski
Manager of Technical Operations at MCF Technology Solutions
Clay Nicolau
Product Manager at QuickBase, Inc.
Deb Cote
PMO Director at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Eloyse Ellerman
Group Product Manager at QuickBase, Inc.
Emi Gwin
President at Sympo
Eric Mohlman
Customer Solutions Engineer at QuickBase, Inc.
Forrest Parker
Business Relationship Manager at Oldcastle Materials
Greg Sipe
Senior Director at MCF Technology Solutions
Harrison Hersch
VP of Technology at DishOut
Ian Greig
Group Technical & IT Manager at Run Energy
Jake Rattner
at Run Energy
James Cosman
President at VeilSun
Janet Plumley
BA and Rapid Application Development Manager at CCI Systems, Inc.
Jennifer Griffith
Associate Dean/Associate Chair at Texas A&M University School of Public Health
Jessica McCown
Sr. Director, Operational Effectiveness at PSL Group
Jonathan Heuer
Principal at HomeSquare
Justin Chapman
Product Enablement at QuickBase, Inc.
Keith Jusas
President & CIO at Juiced Technologies
Kirk Trachy
Sales Engineer at QuickBase, Inc.
Markus Zirn
VP of Business Development at Workato
Marykate Gass
Customer Success Team Lead at QuickBase, Inc.
Matthew Espie
Environmental Protection Specialist at Government of the District of Columbia
Matthew J Saforrian
Senior Interaction Designer at QuickBase, Inc.
Micah Zimring
Principal Interaction Designer at QuickBase, Inc.
Michael John Lemire
Compliance & Information Security Officer at QuickBase, Inc.
Mike Hansborough
CEO at MCF Technology Solutions
Natalya Waye
Customer Success Manager at QuickBase, Inc.
Nichole Browning
Digital Solutions Deployment & Support Manager at Dominion Dealer Solutions
Nicole Levidow
Compliance Administrator at MIT
Rama Davis
Senior Architect & Senior Technical Lead at MCF Technology Solutions
Rich Crum
CEO at VeilSun
Rob Koplowitz
VP, Principal Analyst, Application Development & Delivery Professionals at Forrester Research
Ryan Haas
Developer at MCF Technology Solutions
Scott Burday
Client Solutions at Trinity
Stephen Bradley Deese
Customer Success Engineer at QuickBase, Inc.
Steven DeYoe
VP Advance Technology/Head of IFG Lab at Interface Financial
Sybil Shearin
Interaction Designer at QuickBase, Inc.
Todd Jusas
Chief Technology Officer at Juiced Technologies
Todd Orwig
Senior Director of Operations at The Spur Group
Ty Shewmake
CTO at Schellman
Tyler Kipps
Director, Analysis & Reporting at PSL Group